C & C++

Our Certificate Course in C & C++  provides training classes for students pursuing their career in the programming and coding.After completing this C programming course, you will have the immense knowledge of C & C++ programming language. Having the knowledge of C++ programming is the key to advance a career in IT, as well as a pre-requisite for most computer programming.


C is a general purpose Programming Language. C has proven to be a pleasant, powerful, and versatile language for a wide variety of programs. Many of the modern languages like C++, Visual C++, Java, JavaScript, etc. are based on C Language. Therefore, not knowing this Language is considered to be a handicap. The fundamental types are characters, and integers and floating-point numbers of several sizes. Pointers provide for machine independent address arithmetic.

Topics Covered
Basic Structure of C, Constants, Variables, Data types & Keywords, Operators, Expression, Conditional Operators.
Decision, Loop & Switch Control Statement.
Arrays & String Handling, Creating Functions in C.
Introduction to Pointers in C.
Passing Pointers as Arguments to Function.
Structure, Union, File Handling Dynamic Allocation of Memory.
Introduction To Linked List Basics.


C++ is an Object Oriented Programming Language that is powerful, efficient and compact. It includes concepts like Polymorphism, Dynamic Binding, Data hiding, Operator encapsulation and inheritance, which are to be observed in C. User defined objects (instances) can be reused with and without modifications to generate new application. This reduces coding to greater extents.

Topics Covered
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (C++).
Tokens, expression, data types & control structure.
Introduction to Classes, Objects, Constructor & Deconstructor.
Functions in C++.
Function overloading, Operator overloading.
Inheritance, multiple & multilevel inheritance.
Introduction to virtual functions, classes & polymorphism.
File operations using stream classes.
Exception Handling.
Introduction to Templates